Perfect Organization

In our working lives, a little organisation and structure can go a long way. The Mebin Meeting Notebook features several important details that can help how we capture and reference critical information.

Front Pocket & Personal Information

Store your business cards, post-its or small pieces of loose paper in the versatile and handy front pocket. Never lose those important business cards again!

Unlike other notebooks that suggest you include your personal address, we feel an email address is probably more suitable. We also include a Notebook start and end date to help you archive your notebooks and find important meetings during specific time frames more easily.

Page Numbering

When you attends lots of meetings, very soon it can be quite difficult finding important information you may have captured weeks ago, or you might just want to follow up on an action to ensure you are up to date. All our meeting pages are numbering clearly and when used with the table of contents at the beginning of the notebook, you can be sure you easily reference and find information easily and quickly.

Table of Contents

We have included a 3 page table of contents at the beginning of the notebook with sections for Meeting Name, Date and Page as well as a Status field.  When used with the meeting pages and corresponding numbered pages, you can easily find meetings or key information without having to scan through the entire notebook to find that elusive detail. Once each meeting has has all its action's completed and is complete, you can check the status field in the table of contents to help you keep track of your progress for any specific meeting.

Multiple Book Marks

All Mebin Notebooks feature 2 x book markers to help provide pointers to multiple relevant points of reference, for example the current meeting and a previous meeting you are following up.

Back Pocket

Most Notebooks feature a standard back pocket as standard and the Mebin Notebooks are no exception. Store away your loose paper, agenda pages, email's or other printed documents.

Meeting Template

We couldn't resist mentioning the unique meeting template again!

A simple idea that can dramatically help how you approach meetings and what you do with them.