Our Story

Our story is a simple one. Sometimes good ideas just happen, it is whether we have the courage and will to take them forward that helps changes things. 

Back in early 2013, one evening on a Friday night, I was sitting with my partner at the dinner table and couldn't helped but be troubled at the sight of him frantically trying to work through his A5 notebook. It was the end of the week and he had just spent another week attending countless meetings and was trying to make sense of the notes he had written down, what actions he had to follow up, identifying key contacts and any issues he needed to prioritise.

I took a look at his notebook and saw that he had 16 pages of notes across 21 meetings for that week. Most of it was a mess and hard to make head of tails of. After a brief chat around how a standard meeting might be conducted, I tore off a kitchen towel and drew a template for his meetings that might help him become better organised and more productive. He then created this template in word, added in his company logo to make it look the part and printed off a bunch of these pages and bound them in his work print room.

After using this amateur notebook for a few weeks, he mentioned how much it was helping him and also be more selective on which meetings he now attended and how he approached each meeting with some planning and thoughts on objectives, after all, if a meeting has no objective, why should you be there?

During the course of the next few months, many of his colleagues, including his manager began to compliment him on his notebook and repeatedly asked him "where did you get that from, can you get me one?". This continued up until November 2013 and culminated when he had a one to one with his new MD who also noticed his notebook and expressed his admiration and said "I have been looking for something like this a while now". When we sat down after dinner that night, my partner spoke excitedly about his meeting with his new MD and suggested I should consider making this into a real product to help others. After many weeks of persuasion, I reluctantly decided to make it happen and took the first steps to make the Mebin Meeting Notebook.

I had no experience in producing Notebooks and no design or creative skills. Nonetheless, I leveraged the resources available to me and started on the journey, fearful but at the same time excited about making my very own product. After many samples, revisions, mistakes, heartaches and pain, I finally had the finished article ready to order at the end of 2014. The rest as they say is history.

We understood there was a problem in how we manage a significant amount of time in our jobs doing a particular task, namely Meetings, so we have come up with a simple idea to help become better organised and more productive with these meetings.

This is why we chose "Mebin", it means "to understand" and our ethos will be committed to understanding business challenges and creating simple ideas to help make a difference.

Watch this space for our future products and we thank you for reading our story.