Unique Meeting Template

The Problem:

In the US alone, more than 11 million meetings take place each day, that's over 4 billion meetings each year. Of those 4 billion meetings, more than half are considered to be ineffective. According to the Harvard Business Review (September 2013, Nancy Koehn), two of the most common mistakes when it comes to meetings are:

1) No clear objectives

2) No consensus on agreed course of actions.

There is a very simple reason for this. Habit and often we know no other way. Meetings have been and will always remain a critical component of our daily work lives, yet why do they remain such a perceived waste of time?

Many of us go through School, College, and then University arriving at work without any formal training or guidance on best practices when it comes to meetings, despite spending a considerable amount of time in them! Fundamentally, every meeting should have a clear purpose, objectives if you will and some agreed actions and responsibility to take things forward, to see outcomes and results.

What actually happens? We turn up to meetings, often wondering why we are there, what is our purpose? We sit for hours on end sometimes, playing on our preferred smart device, checking our emails or texting our friends. At the end of the meeting, we might have talked about some "stuff" and then we go back to our desks looking forward to the next meeting having not actually done anything productive or progressed things. In fact, more than two third's of all meetings usually end with no action or decision being made.

The Solution:

The Mebin Meeting Notebook is a simple idea. It is Notebook designed for meetings to help provide better organization and productivity; to approach meetings in the correct way. The entire notebook features a consistent meeting template based on a format proven to work well in most meetings, enabling its user's to approach each meeting with structure, discipline and focused on outcomes.

There are a number of important fields that should be applicable to most meetings, although it is completely up to the user which fields they decide to use. These include:

- Meeting Name

- Date

- Attendees

- Actions & Owner

- Meeting Notes

Each meeting has been allocated one page for actual meeting notes. There is a reason for this. Most organizations are trying adhere to shorter meetings, usually 30 minutes or less. Some companies like Google even advocate standing meetings which are designed to be short and focused on productivity through actions and accountability. Therefore by having a single page for notes ensures meetings are shorted and only relevant, crucial information is taken down instead of scribbling down everything like a madman with the hope that this might help you achieve a better meeting

We believe the Mebin Meeting Notebook can help make a difference.

Try it our for a few weeks and if you are willing to try to follow the guidelines set out in the notebook, we are confident you will see better results and outcomes and increase your productivity.