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We love our Mebin Meeting Notebook and think it is simply awesome!

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Owen O'Sullivan - UBS- Project Manager

 I have found some great uses for this on a daily basis – primarily for my more structured and formal meetings where I need to follow up with my own accounts of the meetings – a great way to have all my facts/notes of a meeting in one place – and not on pieces of paper…

I quite like the layout – simple and relevant – Name Reference and Objective are essential – Attendees section could be more bunched up or smaller font – also bunch up Action section – and essentially make more room for notes – I write a lot of notes – so 2 pages for notes would be better for me – but that’s just a personal preference ;)

Great, simple and useful layout – there is a market for this.

Umar Aziz - SITA - Project Manager

- The notebook is easy to pick up and use - the pages are not overloaded with unnecessary information.
- I found the notebook useful in managing day to day meeting minutes for varying projects
- the content page at the start is useful as it allows for effective archiving.
- Positively impacts productivity as it allows for quicker referencing and follow up of agreed actions.


Keith Ali - Managing Director - Creative Consulting


I can honestly say that using the MEBN notebook has changed they way I capture notes in meetings. It makes me think a bit harder about the key objectives and the actions section is a bit like my conscience, if there is nothing there then I work harder in the meeting to find them !

Paul Shambrook - Consultant - Creative Consulting

The product had made me focus on what I want to achieve in the meeting and what the follow ups are, rather than just have a chat and scribble some notes. I feel this makes for a more efficient way to do business.


Ian Forrest - Enterprise Account Director - Cisco

I have been using the new notebook for a couple of months now and am finding the format extremely useful to ensure my meeting notes are organised and clear. The note book is of high quality but the best thing about the notebook is the format. The clever format & layout helps to ensure my meeting notes are clear, concise & organised, making any actions & owners clear to see.

This format really does help when taking notes & is of great benefit when I need to refer back to meeting notes as it keeps notes organised & in order which helps with my productivity.
Some of the other features like the contents pages are obvious but highly effective & useful.

Richard Osborne -  Strategic Product Sales Specialist - Cisco

These notebooks are great quality, give a great professional impression and well organised to help ensure actions and so forth from meetings are well documented and easy to find.

I will be continuing to buy this

Shaukat Niwaz - Implementation Manager - TelecityGroup

I found the layout very useful as it provided me correct structure for me to conduct my meetings and take the necessary noted required.


Christopher Jen - Partner Account Executive - Akamai

I really love how this book helps me keep track of my meetings, who attended, and actions. I feel it allows me to organize and be more effective with my customers.

Iram Akhtar - Public Sector Policy Advisor

An essential item for anyone with a busy schedule.

This notebook saves me so much time and effort when preparing for my many meetings. It is also a perfect size to fit into my handbag.