Branded Mebin Meeting Notebook

When it comes to branding, most printing companies offer "premium" branded off the shelf Notebooks at premium prices.

This is great and a common tool for marketing your brand by printing a logo on a standard notebook. How many of these branded notebooks actually get used and help with your marketing campaigns, who knows.

However, there is one common theme and approach. Provide your target market with the usual lined or plain, usually black Notebook and hope they find a good use for it.

At Mebin, we can offer you something different. A classy, versatile Notebook we created ourselves that can help differentiate your company by giving away something that your intended audience will use in an important part of any job these days, Meetings. If you are interested in providing a premium quality innovative, functional product with your branding at uncompromising prices, we can help you.

We offer a free branding service of a single logo, embossed onto the Mebin Meeting Notebook for order's of 50 or more Notebooks.

The Mebin Meeting Notebook is ideal, but not limited to the following use cases and areas of business:

  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Events planning
  • Meeting Planning
  • Building Administrator's
  • Project Manager's
  • Consultant's
  • Secretaries
  • Financial Advisors
  • Recruitment Consultant's
  • Account Manager's and Directors
  • Technical sales
  • Hotel Event's
  • Exhibition's
  • Senior Exec's
  • Financial Officer's
  • Mortgage advisers
  • Technology vendor's

Over the next few months, we will include case studies and stories of many of the projects we are working in in some of these areas of business.

Watch this space!