About Us

Hey, thanks for dropping by.

Who is Mebin? Well, we are a dynamic, innovative company trying to disrupt the status quo, on a mission to find better ways to do things and help our lives become more meaningful, productive and achieve greater success.

Our Brand name Mebin means "To Understand" in Hebrew and it was a name that we feel resonates with our ethos and objectives.

We strive to understand different kinds of business's, industries and challenges and look for ways to help improve how we do things. This is focused around productivity, gaining more time and subsequently help reduce costs and shorten business cycles.

The world has gone digital crazy and while there are many fantastic tools, devices and apps out there, there is a beauty and ingenuity in going analog that is hard to rival, a naturalness which helps bring the ideas we conjure up and bring to life from within our creative selves.

All our products have been carefully designed and created by us, we do not sell products made by someone else.

Our focus is primarily stationery, however we do have plans to evolve into wider markets.

We love Innovation and always looking for new and exciting ideas to do things better.

There are currently 4 of us, primarily friends and family and we are based in London, UK.

If you have any ideas to share with us or simply wish to get in touch, please reach out to us sales@mebin.co.uk