April 25, 2015


Our Inaugral Post

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read this first post.

We don't like long, tedious posts, so our aim will always be to keep it short and snappy and hopefully of interest with topical news, stories and fun stuff.

As this is our first post we just wanted to take this opportunity in our first post to show our gratitude for all those people who helped make this idea come to life. In life, we take a lot of things for granted and gratitude is something we all probably don't exercise enough.

What started out as an idea for personal use to help become more organised and productive in this crazy, super fast, always on and connected digital world we live in, words of encouragement and support grew and finally, after a particularly poignant meeting towards the end of 2013, a decision was made to go ahead and make this idea into a real product.

Along the way, there were many pitfalls, obstacles, set backs and moments of uncertainty, but each time, one of you wonderful souls helped to get things back on track and provide the inspiration and belief to carry on.

You know who you all are, and our deepest, sincerest thanks goes out to you.

Without you, this would never have been made possible and we are grateful.

We wanted to leave you with a one of our favorite quotes from one of our favorite poets, like the idea we started with, it is simple and can help on many levels.